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Vintage & Morelli - Last Of Us [Silk Music]

Добавлено by Admin В Electro house mix
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Serbian phenom Vintage & Morelli has emerged as a singular talent on our roster. His extraordinary and truly unique compositional style, on which he has worked tirelessly over the last 15 years, combines elements of house, progressive, trance, and downtempo into vivid, cinematic soundscapes that never fail to move the listener. Since releasing "My Rose Enchanted Destiny," his debut artist album, over 3 years ago, his career has reached new heights, thanks to a consistent output of acclaimed singles and EPs on our label, as well as various contributions to the likes of Anjunabeats, Armada, and FSOE. On the heels of live dates in Australia and The Netherlands, Vintage & Morelli will tour the States for the first time this summer, as the main headliner of our Silk Music Showcase #500 Tour.

Needless to say, the stage is set for the arrival of "Hymn To The Night," his greatly anticipated second artist album. Representing the pinnacle of Vintage & Morelli's musical development, the album offers a full spectrum of his composition gifts, from gorgeous orchestral and breaks tracks to a significant amount of peak-hour progressive house and trance cuts. That's not all: his long-standing collaborator Arielle Maren, the extraordinary American singer-songwriter who has graced so many of Vintage & Morelli's most famous works, makes a tremendous contribution to this record, with her characteristically stirring lyrics and vocals gracing no less than five of the tracks on this album, including the singles "Breathe" and "Lonely Shore," the latter also featuring instrumental touches from renowned producer RNX. Canadian singer-songwriter Brandon Mignacca also appears twice on the album; his recent work with Sound Quelle introduced his beautiful songwriting and vocal performances to our community, and his collaborations with Vintage & Morelli on this album -- "Love Is" and "Bloom" -- profoundly and poignantly celebrate the healing power of love. There is quite literally a song for all electronic music tastes on "Hymn To The Night," and Vintage & Morelli pours his soul into each and every track, with sweeping instrumental motifs decorating the canvas of each arrangement. It is our extraordinary honor to present this album to our Silk Music Family, as well as new fans of emotive electronic music from across the globe.

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01 Vintage & Morelli - Cosmic Overture
02 Vintage & Morelli - Ascension
03 Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren w/ RNX - Lonely Shore (Album Mix)
04 Vintage & Morelli - Senshi
05 Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren - Breathe
06 Vintage & Morelli x Brandon Mignacca - Bloom
07 Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren - Oh Darling
08 Vintage & Morelli x Brandon Mignacca - Love Is
09 Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren - Awaken (Dream Version)
10 Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren - Shadows
11 Vintage & Morelli - Riptide
12 Vintage & Morelli - The Deep Abyss
13 Vintage & Morelli - Last Of Us
14 Vintage & Morelli - Hymn To The Night
15 Vintage & Morelli - Ascension (Extended Mix)
16 Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren w/ RNX - Lonely Shore (Album Extended Mix)
17 Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren - Breathe (Extended Mix)
18 Vintage & Morelli x Brandon Mignacca - Bloom (Extended Mix)
19 Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren - Oh Darling (Extended Mix)
20 Vintage & Morelli x Brandon Mignacca - Love Is (Extended Mix)
21 Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren - Shadows (Extended Mix)

Photographer: Nicolas Häns
Website: http://instagram.com/nicolas_haens_photography_

#VintageMorelli #Downtempo #SilkMusic

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