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The Best Of Green Beats ***NEW CHILL ALBUM***

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Nutek Chill proudly presents 'The Best of Green Beats'.

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00:00 Moments Of Reflection
04:34 Jumping & Rumping
11:30 A Touching Trip
17:24 The Memory Persistence
23:53 Synchronicity
29:44 Noves Ideas
36:12 Funkydelia
42:21 Atlas
47:08 Soul Of Wind
52:46 80's Technology

Download: soon

Stream: https://open.spotify.com/album/4C8UdoJnIPDRAtEK8o0CM2?si=7x3BgrHtSHiL7GAT807tMg

More of Nutek Chill

Green Beats is formed by Victor and Xavier. The group was formed in 2008 in the montains near Barcelona. The experience of Xavier as a dj.Toxic & Toxic in Dub for many years in the ambient & trance scene in Barcelona & Spain, and Victor as a producer of trance music, and psychedelic (Hypnoxock & Bioteranian), also in the Barcelona scene, has been born with a talent and desire to improve every day, with a different and very cool music.down tempo, electro ,Dub,etc.. with strong melodies, hypnotic harmonies and worked. Reagge or funkys touches, but at the same time psychedelics. ur debut EP, was released in December 2010 with a very good public response. And later, in 2011 was the release of "Move for Change", an EP inspirational with very good reviews, and edited by Plusquam Records.& our first compilation Mira Compiled by Green Beats, including international artists.

In 2012 Release our first album in Nutek chill (Cosmic Turtle) this is a big success for the band, 2013 release another V.A Next Step Compiled by Green Beats, including international artists, 2014 another V.A Emotional dives Compiled by Green Beats, including international artists,Besides participating in several international collections,with different styles: Psychill, Dud, Downtempo, Lounge ... reen beats is the union of years of effort in our musical careers, for our music to convey what we like best. Our influences are many, both in traditional music, ethnic, spiritual and the most advanced trends, fusing well as similar, but without stopping to investigate, new sounds, textures and atmospheres, creating our particular sound.

Green Beats has participated in events & Festivals such as The Row Barcelona, Futhur Festival 2008 Madrid (Spain), Acid Monkey New year Eve party 2009 ,2010 London (UK) Roiground Festival 2012 Amsterdam (Holland),Hadra Party (France), OZORA FESTIVAL 2012-2013 (Hungary ).Sonica Festival 2013 Napoli (Italy) Tunkashila Festival 2014 Madrid (Spain) Connection Festival 2014 Sevilla (Spain) Hydro psyteam party Trikala (Greece)....

#psychill #chillout #nutekchill

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