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SLATER | Kelly Slater highlight reel [DnB / Electronic Music] | MAVERIX

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My latest track "Slater", inspired by the undisputed GOAT, Kelly Slater. This track will be available on all streaming platforms (Spotify / Apple Music / Tidal / Deezer / Amazon Music) from tomorrow. A link will be posted below once it's live.

This highlight reel features some sweet footage from Teahupoo, Padang Padang, Cloudbreak, Uluwatu and more.

If you enjoyed, please check out my Spotify & give my artist page a follow ????????:


Filmography Credit:-

- Slaptv
- GotSome NiceOnes
- Lieber Films
- Baby Films Brazil
- Wwwrebeltv
- Kelly Slater Wave Co
- Surfline
- Surfer
- RYZ Photo (Ryan Williams)

If I have missed any of the filmographers / editors above, please let me know and I'll add! As a disclaimer, I don't own the above footage and this edit is only being used for non-profit purposes. I do, however, own the audio track in this video.

For licensing / business inquiries, please get in touch @ maverixmuzik@gmail.com

Cheers for watching and enjoy the weekend everyone!

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