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Shadow Noises - Moon Rising

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Shadow Noises - Transformation, released on 27.08.2015. by Visionary Shamanics
isionary Shamanics Records presents a Powerful Nightime Forest EP By SHADOW NOISES - Macedonia - Laze Kapsarov is the name behind Shadow Noises, he had shared the stage with playing with Encephalopaticys, Tryambaka, Phobos Azazzel, Blisargon Demogorgon, Atriohm, Pixie, Demoniac Insomniac, Therange Freak, Fobi, Cartoons and with other artists from Macedonia on regular parties.
His style is very powerful dark sound,with scary forest atmospheres.


Initiation of shadow forest ritual mighty dance on fire,
depth of powerful esoteric visions as moon rising higher,
hypnotic layers & textures bring consciousness deeper,
ghostly apparitions & spooky monstrous scary freakers,
step through arcane portal of oneself's fears chosen,
facing darkest shadows that appear to have arisn,
journey these mystical realms through this liquid night,
rite of shamanic passage transmutation in transformation,
manifesting dreams we collectively want to perceive in activation.

Get it: https://shadownoisesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/transformation-ep

More videos by Visionary Shamanics: https://bit.ly/34pTNDB

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