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My New Original Composition - Bubbles - Electronic Music ❤????????Art By Ashley Arnold

Добавлено от Admin В Electro house
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Hi Afternoon , my friends and new friends I have recorded this track on Friday the 3rd of July in the morning. I have drawed these bubbles on the Ibis Paint X app and I have used a kind of shadow or highlight pen to create my bubbles more a glowing affects. ????????????????????????????????????❤

I hope you all enjoy listening everyone. ????????????????????????????????❤????

What do you think of my digital Art I have made ?????????❤

I have used Ibis Paint X to create my digital art pictures. ✏????

I use music apps to record my music together.????????

Thanks for your support everyone I appreciate it very much. ????❤❤❤????

⚠ Please don't re-upload this video without permission because I made this and I don't want it to be copied. However, I'm not a professional at making music.
I do this for fun,
not for any money making. ????❌ I love sharing my creativity. ❤✏???????? You can Like, Share it on your socials if you really like it or share it with friends or family for enjoyment.
I don't mind that. ????❤

© 2020 by Ashley Arnold

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