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How the Stranger Things Cast Were Verbally Abused Behind the Scenes

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Were the stranger things cast verbally abused? We analyze this interaction and break down the psychology and body language drama of what’s happening. We follow Shawn Adam Levy Stranger things Executive Producer and The Duffer Brothers The directors. Into how they were influenced by the host of Beyond Stranger Things Jim Rash. The cast go through ups and downs as a Psychological Battle unfolds and every one has to pick sides. Filled with Funny Moments, Love, Drama, and “Body Language Action!”

Today we learn about how to spot Influence:
1. Permission
2. Mirroring Speech Patterns
3. Mirroring Body Language
4. Conformity and Majority
5. Inspiration

Recommended Resources:

Audible: Influence The Psychology of Persuasion

Add us on twitter for more exclusive Body Language Drama:
Twitter: StayWokeBLD

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