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!FREE BEST PRESETS for Dubstep Massive 2020!

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FREE DOWNLOAD - http://homoluath.com/3sHN
1. Click on the link
2. Wait 5 seconds
3. Click on the button “Skip ads" in the upper right corner
Then two tabs will open, one of them is not necessary!
4. In the desired tab, click the button “Allow notifications”
(If you wish, you can then turn them off)
1. Нажать на ссылку
2. Подождать 5 секунд
3. Нажать в правом верхнем углу кнопку ,,Пропустить рекламу"
Дальше откроется две вкладки, одна из них не нужная!
4. В нужной вкладке нажать кнопку ,,Разрешить уведомления"
(При желании потом можно их отключить)
3 weeks after passing 200 subscribers I finally got round to uploading the pack of my free Massive .ksds. The main focus of this pack was the bass sounds as this pack is best suited to dubstep and the heavier edms, but the leads and buildups can pretty much be used in any electronic genre.

Rather than constantly uploading more videos and more packs with new sounds in, I will just update the link on this video. So if you are watching in the future then firstly, what did I get in my exams? And secondly, make sure you have the latest update.

As the title says the pack is free, but it would help me out if you could like my Facebook page. Not only does this help me, but it also means you will be notified when I update the link with some more sounds.


Thankfully there will be no copyright issues on this since I am unable to open other peoples sounds in my version of Massive, so everything has at least been put together by me. Still if for some strange reason you want to make a complaint, then contact me using the links below.

Enjoy the free sounds and send me what you make with them, I listen to everything...

Please Subscribe for more music and tutorials, and please visit my soundcloud account where you can get free downloads of my music! Lucky you... -_____-
Like me on Facebook to get the latest updates. All these links can be found below or at the top of the description.
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