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Bru-C & Chris Lorenzo - Introspective [Music Video] #StayHome #WithMe

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This song is dedicated to anyone suffering with their mental health during this crazy time in the world.

This video is made up of people isolating/practicing wellness all round the world.

Buy/Stream here: https://smarturl.it/introspective-music

Stay Safe, Stay postive



Edited by Duncan
Filmed by the people



Make time for yourself, unwind for yourself
Nobody can give you what you’ll find in yourself
Keep reminding yourself
That ur nice by yourself
You must Love yourself
To be loved by someone else
You gotta smile by yourself
Run a mile by yourself
Walk in the countryside by yourself
Stand tall by yourself
Rise n fall by yourself
You were born alone you will die all by yourself

Why shouldn’t I be loving me
You need a breakdown to experience recovery
On my own feelin like a happy businessman
Cuz I love my own company
Embracing a long walk
A weak mind that’s carrying these strong thoughts
Take a deep breath, and a long pause
We went off track so I could be on course
Accept who you are be proud of your flaws
A pat on the back or a round of applause
Beauty is skin deep what is really beautiful is what’s surrounding your core
Only now that I’m sure
Life’s meaning has been neglected
So many times by me I’ve been disrespected
Self worth is what intellect is
This is my introspective

I’m a prisoner of my home
Still I’m living on a nice road
Running water in my tap n it’s ice cold
Take a minute for the earth let the life grow
I’m a prisoner of my space
Still I’m living in a nice place
Wonder wat future will I face
Tryna keep a smile on my face

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