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#341 Electronic Music Podcast | Music To Make You Dance | Adryiano | Harrison BDP | Afterculture....

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For the full blogpost with podcast, notes, timestamps and more information use this link. At the same time check out the new website and let me know what you think and how the improved player is working for you. www.dirtydiscoradio.com/electronic-music-podcast-341-music-to-make-you-dance

This week new music featured from the Music To Make You Dance album on Shall Not Fade Records. Upcoming London based talent Afterculture with a new track. Harrison BDP with a whole lot of deepness going on. And much more...

Feel free to find the tracks after listening to them in my podcast with the added tracklisting overview. Remember to support the artists and DJ's.

Playlist tracklisting:

Cemode - Judy
This Is Our Soundsytem - Ziza in Space
DJ Ciderman - Dance Floor Beat
Yoshinori Hayashi - 0208 (Prins Thomas Remix)
Rick Wade - Up Late
Demuja - Do It
Nicholas - Meditation
Paso - It Was A Night In September (Flabaire Remix)
EMS 250 - Lettre Sur Route (Mydoz Remix)
Cemode - It’s All Good
Mangabey & Kosmos Kind - Time No More
Mangabey & Kosmos Kind - Get Lost
Igor Gonya & Denis Kazakov - Luv & Bourbon
Roman Rauch - Pizza & Trumpets (Ft Peletronic)
Jean Tonique - menari
G2S - Fallin’ Down
NLY1P - Get No Love Until You Show Some
Adryiano - Want U 2 Feel
Adryiano - Just A Beat
Afterculture - Pulse
Harrison BDP - Cathedrals
Harrison BDP - Dark Water
Fold - Astral Planes

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