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1 HOUR EPIC MUSIC | The Most Powerful Female Vocal Music | Vol. #9

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Vol. 9 of fascinating & powerful vocal music.Enjoy !


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00:00 ADONA - Climb
03:40 Angelflare - Hope Is a Ghost (Epic Version)
07:17 Atom Music Audio, Alexa Ray - Eternal Flame
11:38 Damned Anthem - Zombie
14:25 Eurielle - City of the Dead
19:33 Fired Earth Music - Brave
22:42 Fired Earth Music - Now I'm Free
26:03 Fired Earth Music - Paralysed by Fear
29:09 Generdyn - Get Up, Stand Up (feat. Lexxi Saal)
31:40 J2 - Umbrella (feat. Jazelle)
35:36 Kevin McAllister - Take Over The World (feat. Lydi)
38:18 Neoni - Empire
41:18 RAIGN - This Is The End
44:51 Ranya & Hidden Citizens - Strange Young World
48:46 Simple Thieves - Heroes Never Die
52:15 Sound Adventures - Celestial Emanation
55:01 UNSECRET - Revolution (feat. Ruelle)

#Volume #9

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* All music on this channel is copyrighted!
* If you want to use music from this channel, contact the artist directly NOT TO ME - Thanks!
* Please do not copy / download my mixes / do not upload my photos.
* I do not offer any downloads for any of my videos.

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